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We're A Friendly Service That's Fast & Efficient!

Struggling With Any Of These?

  • Trash Pile's Gotten Way Too Big
  • Unable To Move Those Large, Bulky Items
  • Soggy Spare Wood's Gone Sour
  • Assorted Scrap's Become Totally Useless
  • Tired Of Useless Appliances Hanging Around
  • Have Countless Garbage Bags To Get Rid Of

The Longer Trash Stays On Your Property,

The Worse It'll Make Everything Else.

We Remove Trash In A Dash!

How Quick Can We Help Out?

Simply Give Us A Call, and we'll help Within 1-3 Weekdays, if not sooner in most cases.

We never book in more haulings into our schedule than we can handle.

Additionally, we keep all of our customers up to date with our progress and appointments. This is just part of the Nearby Junk Removal Experience.


Who Will Answer Once You Call?

Once you call, you'll likely speak with Robert who is our very own Customer Support Expert.

He will answer your phone call along with any burning question that you may have for us.

He'll then add you into a time slot that works best for your schedule, quickly and efficiently.

Why Can You Trust Our Service?

- Full-Time Customer Service Staff

- FREE, Zero-Hassle Estimates

- Technicians That Are Punctual & Polite

We're ready to help provide top-of-the-line services for Trash Hauling in Newnan, GA.

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We're A Reasonable Removal Service!

1. Robust Removals That Are Right For You

2. Courteous Staff That's Careful Around Your Property

3. Bring Our Own Tarps, Hand Trucks, & Trailers

4. Individually Tailored Appointments & Estimates

5. Residential AND Commercial Removals

6. Family Owned & Operated Company

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Nearby Junk Removal Newnan

Newnan, GA 30263

Our Local Trash Hauling Service Is Helpful & Honest!

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Comprehensive Trash Hauling Capabilities!

Over the course of our experience, we've come to learn that no two trash hauling projects are ever exactly the same.

One customer may have only a few buckets full while another could legitimately have an entire pile that involves multiple trailer trips!

With this in mind, All Of Our Trash Haulings Are Competitively Priced and Solely Centered Around Your Specific Needs.

No matter how delayed or desperate your removal requirements may be, we'll surely be able to help make your property look better at a price point that's fair to you.

If You Value A Sanitary Home,

Give Us A Call Sooner Versus Later.

Why's Now The Time To Reach Out?

When it comes to the overall health, wealth, and safety of your home's property, it doesn't pay to sacrifice convenience for cost.

It's surprising just how many people will hold onto bags and bags full of utterly useless trash, scrap and debris simply because it's easier than hauling it somewhere else.

But some have their reasons as well. We even knew of several customers in the past who simply couldn't take their trash out to the side of the curb as much as they used to due to their frail age and limited physical abilities.

Whether by passive or active actions, it's important to rid your property of all unnecessary trash and debris so as not to become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, insects and other invasive pests.

Stop Stalling Your Trash Hauling!

Call Now To Schedule Your Appointment ASAP.

Call Us: (678) 839-9976

Text Us: (678) 839-9976

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Nearby Junk Removal Newnan

Newnan, GA 30263


1. How Are Our Trash Removal Services Superb?


Here at Nearby Junk Removalwe strive to change the way you experience thorough trash, junk and debris removals for good.

Whether it's multiple trash bags full or an entire garage full, we always look forward to providing top-tier cleanup solutions with a Friendly, Neighborly Attitude.

And since we're a Google My Business Verified service that is Used By Your Friends And Neighbors, there's no better choice for all your trash relocation needs near Newnan, GA than us!

2. Which Local Areas Do We Help Out?


We're Coweta County & Fayette County's most convenient bulk trash hauling service.

We proudly assist The Greater Newnan Area and other surrounding locations such as:

- Thomas Crossroads

- Tyrone

- Sharpsburg

- Peachtree City

- Fayetteville

- And Several Other Areas As Well.

Not sure if we can come to your area to help clean up your property?

Simply give us a call and talk to one of our staff over the phone to find out today!

3. When Can We Help Haul Your Trash Away?


Booking an appointment with us is quick and convenient.

Just give us a call today, and we'll be able to fit you into our schedule the moment you get in contact with us regarding your trash hauling and removal needs.

The word is spreading about our quality services though.

As a result, the soonest we're often able to fit new customers into our schedule is Likely Within 1-3 Weekdays.

Although, we'll be sure to do our best to fit you in sooner if at all possible. Ideally, Within The Same-Day You Give Us A Call.